Can't add LDAP operators when OU path > 255 characters


I wanted to post that I was not able to add a LDAP operator today because their Active Directory OU path exceeded 255 characters. I’ve submitted a PMR for this already and figure it will go into a bug report at some point.

error window

more of a FYI and maybe we are special and have really long DNs in our AD.

For this user I created a standalone account as a workaround.


It’s likely the OU path exceeding 255 is a contributing factor.

However, the specific error is from a SQL query from the Root Server. (It’s trying to insert a parameter that exceeds the column width.) We can investigate this further in the PMR. If possible, could you add a DMP to the PMR:

procdump -e 1 -f "ODBCException" BESRootServer.exe