Cannot Log into Big Fix Console all of a sudden

Hello, I was working on the Big Fix console last night and it kept asking me to log in. So I kept logging in. This morning I was not able to log in. I changed my password, reinstalled it and still not able to log in. A colleague created another account and I was finally able to log in as that user. I have contacted my internal teams to see what the issue was but we are not seeing anything. What would cause the console to all of a sudden not allow me to log in?
Thank you for any help you can give me.

@Angie.williams, is your console operator local or AD/LDAP? If not local, did you try logging in via a local operator or the MO account?

What you’ve described can happen when the AD/LDAP or SAML backends are having issues or are misconfigured.

Somebody may have also turned off your ability to login to the console. There is a specific right as part of the permissions for a user.

I think that is what happened. I am working with my AD/LDAP teams to see if somehow I got removed. My profile shows in Big Fix but since our logins are configured through AD/LDAP I have a feeling I got removed. I think they were doing some updates over the weekend. I am hoping they can fix it. Thank you for your help.

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