Can not login with LDAP Users thas has different UPN suffixes

Hello All,

Please, Could you help me with this issue?

I have BigFix infrastructure on Linux RedHat in which I added a Microsoft AD as LDAP Directory (Base DN is dc=acme,dc=local).

I could successfully add LDAP Users and they could log in to the bigfix console with the default UPN suffix (ex: josorio@acme.local)

After 03 months the Active Directory Administrator changed the UPN suffix for all users to be now @company.local (

Users reported they could log in anymore, So I noticed that I have to update (convert LDAP user) to the new UPN Suffix. Nevertheless, they can not log in with the new UPN Suffix the can only log in with the default UPN @acme.local.



just to share, there is a PMR opened for this issue …

Hello gpoliafico,

Yes, I have opened a PMR which is currently in progress. They have told me that is a bug. I am sending some logs.

I will reply if a solution is found.