Can Customized Executable be used by multiple Scheduled Activities?

I wrote a Customized Executable (BAT file) that moves a report’s CSV to another server. It works fine when used by a single Scheduled Activity, but fails when I try to use it with another. An exact copy of the BAT file with a different name works fine (so, one Scheduled Activity per Customized Executable), but fails again if I point it back to the original (so, two Scheduled Activities using the same Customized Executable).

Is this the expected behavior, or did I find a bug/limitation?

You should certainly be able to use the same customized executable in multiple scheduled activities.

A few questions:

  1. Are you passing the correct command-line arguments to it in all the activities?
  2. What version of Web Reports are you using?
  3. Are you getting an error message when it fails?

Sigh … thanks for responding, @ottumm. It appears I was a victim of “Send email/store archive only when report has changed”. :-/ All is now well.