Can BigFix client version be higher than BigFix server one?


Can we upgrade BigFix clients to version 9.5.11, even though our server currently is at 9.5.10?


You can, and it will probably work, but won’t be a supported configuration.

You just have to assess the relative merits of the higher client version against being in support.

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Yes, preferably staying at least within the same major version (9.5)

This is often required as new OS updates (Win10 1709, Win10 1809) need updated agents and the deployment as a whole doesn’t need an upgrade, and is also useful to test new agents before upgrading the deployment.

We do recommend ensuring the Relay versions go no higher than the root server.

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We do have forward and backward compatibility in the agents. Do not expect the features in the newer agent to work on an older server though.

Also Relays are strongly recommended to be the same major.minor as the server

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