Can BES Computer Remover be run to evaluate only


We have an environment that has not had the BES Computer Remover run in quite a while. I would like to see what the potential impact would be by running the utility without actually deleting anything. I have looked at the wiki for the bes computer remover tool and I do not see anything in the switches that would instruct it to evaluate only.

I should be able to calculate the ‘Total Number of Duplicate Computers’ and the ‘Total Number of Expired Computers’ through web reports. These conditions have been addressed by manually removing computers through the console and should not represent a large number of objects.

However, the -E option “Remove data from the database for Deleted Computers” could be a significant number of records. So, if there are no command line switches that can show me how many records are going to be deleted without actually removing them, are there SQL queries that can show me the number of affected rows?