Cache Directory customization

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Customer has 3000 Win endpoints. Lot of endpoints has almost no space on primary C:\ HDD

Question 1: is it possible to change Download and Cache directory to use folders on second local or network dirve E:\ HDD instead? During installation time with custom options or with manual task after client installation.

Question 2: is it possible to do the same on IEM Server? I guess it could be done by folder linking manually…

I know about cache resizing possibility but this is not a solution in this case.

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For the IEM server, you can choose the location of the cache during install time I believe. Using symlinks or changing the setting is discouraged as it may have odd effects and changing the setting may not change it everywhere it needs to be. ( I was told by IBM that choosing the cache location during install time is the only supported method )

As for the client… the cache needs to be on a local fixed disk. You could try installing the client itself to a different disk, but otherwise I’m not sure if the client cache location is configurable, I’d have to do some looking. You could try symlinks in this case, but it would definitely be unsupported and not recommended.

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I’ve tried to install agent on different HDD and it seems to be good alternative to my problem. Installing Agent on E: disk you have your cache also on E: disk - it’s good. As for server we’ll try something similar.

Thank you for your answer.