Bug in console in W7

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When running the console on a Windows 7 machine I am not able to select multiple groups as a target for an action. Clicking and holding CTRL does not select multiple groups and holding. Holding shift and dragging does work, but if I hit CTRL to unselect any of the items, the behavior is erratic. I have seen the same behavior on at least one other Windows 7 box. They are both running the x64 version, but since the console is a x86 application, I don’t think that matters, but I thought I would throw it out there. When I want to select multiple target groups, I am having to go back to a Windows XP machine to do it. Any ideas? Thanks.

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See here:


What version of the console are you using?


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Oh Snap. I think this is the answer to the ticket I opened 3 weeks ago. We had this issue in the console. We run our console off a Windows 2008 Terminal Server, and host it as a Remote App. One admin noticed this and we’ve been trying to find a reason. Great guys, I’ll let the tech know!

Sounds like this will be fixed in BigFix 8.


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Using the console. That looks like the same issue just in Windows 7 instead of Vista. Makes sense that it would carry over. Tried looking for something about it on the forum, but I must have been using the wrong search terms. Thanks for verifying this is a known issue and I look forward to the fix.