Block clients application using console

Hi Everyone,

Can someone please help me to find if I can block some running applications on my client’s PC?

If yes then how?

Thanks in advance

Can you elaborate a bit more … for example is it a specific application you wish to block, or do you just wish to prevent users running the IEM console ? And so on …

Hi @gearoid Thanks for your reply.

I do want to block specific applications.
just for an example you can say like media player or may be paint etc.

If you’re talking about doing this on Windows, without paying additional money on a third-party tool, the terms you want to put into Google are “Applocker” or “Software Restriction Policy” depending on your Windows version & edition.

@JasonWalker I’m talking about doing this from IEM console.
Is there any fixlet or wizard from which i can restrict a client to use specific application.
Please help :smile:

IEM itself does not natively provide this capability currently (i.e. to block applications from running altogether on an endpoint). It can report on what applications have been run (or are running), along with perhaps uninstalling apps, or even stopping them if seen (but this doesn’t prevent them from running for at least a short period of time). I believe @JasonWalker is suggesting that you might be able to leverage 3rd party tools to achieve this (and possibly deploy/manage those tools via IEM).

run Action everyday with
taskkill and name of process.
Without i think white list of windows or black list of windows.

Thank you so much guys for you help. Can you guys please help me to find out If I can use software usage analysis with my trail version of IEM

Thanks in advance :smile: