BIOS Date is Older Than

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Hello - I’m trying to apply a BIOS firmware upgrade on systems in which the BIOS date is less than X.

For example, if the BIOS date of of “HP Compaq 6910p” is less than 06/14/08, apply FW update.

date of bios as string


I was looking at converting the string to an integer and then comparing, but didn’t have any luck.

Thank you.


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I did this for a registry value, it should be similar. Here is all of my relevance.

if (exists key “HKLM\SOFTWARE\BigFix\CPM\client” of registry) AND (exists value “LastPatternUpdate” whose (it as time > now - 2*week) of key “HKLM\SOFTWARE\BigFix\CPM\client” of registry) then false else true

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Here is another example:

(it as date < date “14 Jun 2008”) of (preceding text of first “/” of following text of first “/” of it & " " & (it as integer as month as three letters) of preceding text of first “/” of it & " " & “20” & following text of last “/” of it) of date of bios

The statement not work correctly for BIOS earlier than 2000. We would have to modify a little.

Lee Wei

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So you take the BIOS date and convert it to the same format as the string and compare. Thanks!