Bigfix Windows Update Fail error code Error Code 80070005

Recently when deploying Windows Updates I appear to be receiving lots of machines receiving the error code of 80070005. I can manually install these updates just fine through windows updates, it just seems to be when trying to deploy updates through Bigfix. Has anyone seen either this behavior, or something similar when running patches before?

When I search Google for “Windows Update Error 80070005”, the results refer to Access Denied issues. Based on this, I wonder if you have somehow limited the access rights for the BESClient process. It normally runs as “Local System”, check that you have not adversely modified the ACL’s in your Registry or File System in a way that removes access for Local System.

about this windows update error code = 0x80073701

In which account your pc is if it is in user account then change it to administrator account.

Belay that order, there should never be a case for normal users to require Administrator rights on the endpoint.

The issue is whether the BESClient service itself has administrator rights, BESClient is executing the patch installations. The message shouldn’t occur unless you have modified the Services panel so BESClient is no longer running in the LocalSystem account.

The original thread is almost four years old, the previous reply was almost a year old, so hopefully the original poster has resolved his issue in the last four years, but he or she never replied back whether the suggestions resolved their issue.