BigFix WebUI Update - 2018-07-27

BigFix is pleased to announce an update to the WebUI that introduces a range of improvements, including a new usability feature to the Autopatch app, as well as design and navigation optimizations, and bug fixes.

WebUI General Release
Updated Patch Policies App – Includes a new feature that enables OS and App level filtering to offer better usability
• Design and navigation optimizations
• Browser side performance improvements
• Defect fixes and security enhancements
• Update to Node.js version 6.14.3 for security and currency

Security improvements
• CVE-2018-7167 - Fixes Denial of Service vulnerability where calling Buffer.fill() could hang
• CVE-2018-7160 - Inspector DNS rebinding vulnerability
• CVE-2018-7158 - Path module regular expression denial of service
• CVE-2018-7159 - Spaced Ignored in Content-Length HTTP Headers
• CVE-2017-15896 - Data Confidentiality/Integrity Vulnerability
• CVE-2017-3738 - Information Disclosure Vulnerability
• CVE-2017-14919 - Denial of Service Vulnerability

Get started
This update will be released on Friday, July 27th. The WebUI will update automatically, by default, unless configured otherwise.
For customers with in an air-gapped environment, use the link below to get new WebUI sites:

Note: Airgap customers will need to run two rounds of Airgap for this release – first to pull in the new Common app, and another to pull in the new mastheads afterward.

WebUI Administration Guide

WebUI Users Guide

Automatic Patching

Please accept the update within WebUI when available, if not automatically applied.

Our customers mean everything to us, so THANK YOU for being part of the BigFix family!