BigFix WebUI new release available! (April 2022)

HCL Software is pleased to announce an update to BigFix WebUI!
The main features in this release are as follows:

Compliance Security Configuration Management (SCM) App:

  • The first phase of the SCM App is available in BigFix WebUI. The new SCM App provides support for checklist management, custom checklist creation, synchronizing custom checklists with refreshed external checklists, parameterization, and deployment to devices
  • By following the standard WebUI App design principles, the new SCM App has improved the SCM workflow and several usability features, enabling more IT Ops specialists to perform SCM functions and collaboration between IT Ops and Security teams.

Patch Policies App:

  • Policies can now include a pre-task to run before the policy executes and a post-task to run after the policy completes.

BigFix Query App:

  • When building relevance it is now possible to select multiple OSs for inspectors
  • When building relevance “exists” operator can now be used
  • When building relevance inspector types are now more easy to understand
  • Stability fixes and generic UX improvements

Security Updates included in this WebUI release:

  • CVE-2021-27764
  • CVE-2021-44906
  • CVE-2022-0122
  • CVE-2022-0155
  • CVE-2022-0235
  • CVE-2022-0355

Resolved Defect Articles:

  • KB0093672: WebUI Patch Policy submits multiple action group for each schedule
  • KB0094879: WebUI stuck on the stored procedure COMPUTE_DEVICE_PROPERTIES
  • KB0096837: (doc) - “Access the WebUI” topic is confusing
  • KB0097516: Patch Policy auto-refresh issue

How to update

WebUI will update automatically by default, unless configured otherwise.
Please note that updates for BigFix Insights must be done manually via the Application Updates page on WebUI. For more information, please see

Published WebUI Site Versions

WebUI Site Name Version
Application Administration 24
Common 67
Custom 34
Insights 10
MDM 10
Patch 33
Patch Policies 25
Profile Management 17
Query 26
Software Distribution 38
WebUI API 10
WebUI Content App 13
WebUI Data Sync 18
WebUI Framework 17
WebUI Permissions 12
WebUI Reports 7
WebUI Take Action 18

WebUI Documentation link:

SCM App Documentation link:

– The BigFix WebUI Team

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I’m not able to find SCM App. Autoupdate is enabled and other Versions look good. Restarting BESServer incl. WebUI didn’t change anything:

Current WebUI Versions
WebUI API1001 Apr 2022
Application Administration2401 Apr 2022
Patch Policies2501 Apr 2022
WebUI CMEP501 Apr 2022
Common6701 Apr 2022
WebUI Content App1301 Apr 2022
Custom3401 Apr 2022
WebUI Data Sync1801 Apr 2022
WebUI Framework1704 Apr 2022
WebUI Insights 628 Jan 2021
WebUI MDM1005 Apr 2022
Patch3301 Apr 2022
WebUI Permissions and Preferences1201 Apr 2022
Query2601 Apr 2022
WebUI Reports701 Apr 2022
Software Distribution3801 Apr 2022
WebUI Take Action1801 Apr 2022

Hello Matthias, in order to have the SCM application you need to have:

  • a valid BigFix Compliance license
  • WebReports component up and running

If this is met and you still have issues, I suggest that you open a support ticket


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Hi, thanks for your reply. As both requirements are met I will open a case tomorrow,

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