BigFix WebUI App Version and Auto Update Control

The next BigFix WebUI release is scheduled for July 27, 2021. To prepare for this release, please be aware that we are introducing new options which provide more granular control of updates in the WebUI application.

As previously communicated, BigFix versions 9.5.16 and 10.0.1 will update the BigFix WebUI automatically whenever new content is available**.

To allow customers more control of these updates, beginning with BigFix versions 9.5.17 and 10.0.2, automatic update settings for each WebUI channel can be independently set to one of the following options:

  1. Automatically install the newest version when it becomes available (default)
  2. Automatically install the newest version after a specified number of days
  3. Turn automatic updates off. Updates must be applied manually using the “Update Now” function

These changes have been introduced to allow the BigFix WebUI to better support the change control process and change windows already in place in your organization.

A video overview on the process to manage these settings can be found at this link:

Documentation on these features can be found at this link:

** Customers not currently on a version with these augmented features can contact our Product Support team to provide you with guidance on manual controls to govern the WebUI automatic updates until you can upgrade to a supported version.

Commercial Support:

Federal Customer Support:


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