Bigfix Web Reports Error

Hi All I logon to Bigfix Web Reports no problem but 2 of my task are disabled and getting this error
I already have Admin role as Master Operator so unsure

The following activities encountered errors and have been disabled. Enable the activities to clear the errors.

10 : 11/08/2020 4:34:04 PM : Access denied: credentials accepted, but you must have at least one assigned or inherited role in order to log in. Please contact your administrator.

Logging in to Web Reports? The logins for the console and Web Reports are not the same.

It sounds like you are using AD, but a role has not been setup for your account.

So it authenticated, but it is not setup correctly.

Well that is the strange part as I am Administrator and have various roles

yes using AD and role is setup…workaround was to make a copy of report and now is working again so ill keep any eye on it for few days

Good luck. That sounds like it might be a ticket for support if it pops up again.