BigFix vs AWS EC2 Systems Manger

We are being asked to do a comparion of these two products. We have been a BigFix shop for a long time but folks are starting to question BigFix vs AWS EC2 Systems Manager which is free if you have instances in AWS. I have seen a demo and as a BigFix administrator I’m concerned at this trend of free. Free can steer you past a lot of bells and whistles that BigFix gives you but for free it does give you a lot. Again this is new to me so has anybody out there seen a comparion between the two or use AWS"s EC2 and know the pros and cons? Also AWS will allow you to put an agent of sorts on laptops and non aws enpoints to use their free tools as well. I’d like to have as must information as possible so I can make a good argument on why BigFix should be the only choice to be made. I wish IBM would have had an AWS plugin by now because this would have only helped make this argument much easier. Having additional plugins for Service Now etc would also make it much easier to not have to think about these other tools. Anyway any feedback is good feedback. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

@jmanini were you able to get details on this?

Let me know, as I’m looking for this comparison.


+1, I’d like to see a comparison too.

This is definitely a hot topic as more and more are moving away from BigFix to go “AWS native” with Systems Manager. Could HCL please reply to this?

You should probably contact your BigFix TA or reseller to get a comparison. I doubt many of us in the Forum have much looked into it.