Bigfix Vmware Cloud Plugin Correlated device doesn't work properly

I have multiple clients with Bigfix Vmware Cloud Plugin+Proxy Agent with Vmware.
(Bigfix 11.0.1 but I’ve also seen it happening on versions of 10)
we configured it as it should but the devices wont correlate with the proxy agent and native to some of the agents.

The problem seems to come from the cloud plugin because it makes the correlation, for some reason the “Proxy ESXI” agent stays outside the correlation (see the attached image).

I opened a ticket to HCL but I wonder if someone has encountered it? since it happening to a lot of my clients.

I have been using the VMWare plugin for a while and the only times I have seen this behavior is with Agents running an old version.
I don’t have the ESXi Plugin, so I don’t know if you are supposed to have those entries correlated with the cloud + native agents.

The correlation is a logical coupled can occur only between a native agent and a proxy device discovered by one of the cloud plugins (AWS, VMware, Azure, GCP). In your case, the representation is ok because the correlation has been made only between the native and the VMware proxy. For this reason, the proxy ESXi is correctly shown outside the correlation, even if it is the same machine.

Can you share documentation about this behavior?