Bigfix v10 evaluation SQL error

I’m trying to install an eval version of v10.0.0.133 and getting this error when the server setup tries to install SQL Server.

I guess I didn’t read the error. It is asking for the MSSQL 2016 SP1 install files. SQL Express isn’t bundled in the installer anymore like it used to be?

I found the steps in the install guide

but it talks about

  1. v9.5 BigFix.
  2. Download steps for SQL 2016 SP1, but the download links from the MS site download SQL SP2.

Correct, the ability to install over SQL Express was removed some time ago. I’m not sure whether that is because we are now using some specific functionality that doesn’t work in Express, or whether even evaluations often overrun the size allowances of SQL Express.

Your best bet is probably to install SQL first, outside of the BigFix Server installer, so you have more flexibility on which version of SQL to use. I believe we’ve qualified up through SQL 2017 at this point.

I haven’t tried this yet, but I expect you should be able to use SQL Developer Edition if you need a no-cost SQL for proof-of-concept testing. The Developer Edition claims to have all the functionality of a full SQL server but is only allowed for non-production use. Again I haven’t actually tried that SQL version yet, perhaps someone else on the forum can speak to it?

We use the developer editions to test and develop so yes they should work. Only supported versions of SQL though will be detected during installation.

I was able to download SQL Server 2016 SP2 and install as evaluation which worked for BigFix Root/WR.

I opened a ticket with HCL suggesting that the documentation be updated to reflect that “SQL Server 2016 with SP1” isn’t an option to download from MS and the best option is to just install a valid SQL version yourself.

Thank you @cstoneba, we’re working on adjusting the documentation.