Bigfix upgrade error from 9.5.9 to 9.5.10

while upgrading windows Bigfix version 9.5.9 to 9.5.10 , i am getting below error message, i checked in the google and update the HKLM\Software\BigFix\Enterprise Server\UseRemoteDB=1 as well as per this link

but still not able to get through.

There was an error connecting to the database. Check that you have sufficient database priviledges,
Database error:[Microsoft]SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]
Login failed for user ‘sa’ (28000:18456

Just check ODBC 64 bit connection and found Bes_setup , bes_enterprise , bes_reporting all three are on different authentication method , so move all of them to NT from SQL and try to run the setup again and this time is does not show the authentication failure error.


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