BigFix upgradation

Hi Everyone,

W have a Bigfix 9.5.6 and ILMT 9.2.26 configured on windows 2012(Which is EOS) and using remote SQL database server 2019.
We are planning to install Latest version of BigFix and ILMT using new licensing key on windows 2019. Can we use the existing SQL database server 2019 while configuring BigFix and ILMT. If yes, what are steps to be considered to use the existing database server.

Thanks in advance.

I understand what you actually want to do is a migration, in order to preserver current data:

Since BF 9.5.6 is very old, you need to apply multiple product upgrades in order to move up to v11: upgrade to latest 9.5, then you can upgrade to latest v10 and finally you can have your v11 infrastructure.

Have a look at this post as well: BigFix v11 or v11.0.1 issues

Thank you Daniele for your response.

But i am not migrating database to new server, since it is an 2019 sql server i want use the same SQL server just BigFix and ILMT are configuring in new Windows server. What are the steps to be taken to retain same instances while configuring BigFix.

Since you are “moving” the BigFix server, you must consider it as a migration; just you can skip the DB restore operation (take a full backup as well :slight_smile: ). The steps are documented in the links provided.
After the server is moved, you can proceed with a simple upgrade using automatic fixlets.