Bigfix unable to sync the site Enterprise Security with error HTTP 404 in GatherDB log


I have the Bigfix version 9.2.6 installed. I have all the relevant sites subscribed and they all sync fine except for the Enterprise Security. The Gather DB log shows an HTTP error 404.

Please assist in getting this fixed as I can’t test deployment of Windows Patches till this is fixed.


Hi @BigFixNinja, @jgstew,

Can one of you help out with this issue please?


Hi @genious_2k1

You probably have an IPS or content filtering proxy blocking the gather of the Patches for Windows site. Please engage your networking team and ask them if they see anything getting blocked when the server goes to do a gather. A Wireshark trace may need to be conducted and analyzed by them.

To trigger a gather on the server, you can hit this URL on the server machine in a browser:

Check the GatherDB log and the BESRelay.log (you can also try enabling verbose logging on the server to see if additional information is output during the attempt to gather on the server. Sometimes these logs contain more information.

Some things to try:

Hi @BigFixNinja,

I checked post putting up the second reply and found that the site had been downloaded. Apparently, that issue was fixed without having to make any firewall/proxy changes. Go figure! :smile:

I still don’t think this was a problem on our internet proxy though. However, the fact is that things are working so, that’s all that matters!

Appreciate your response. Thanks!

May have taken sometime to get through your network. Could have been a temporary DNS issue, temporary routing issue, proxy/firewall issue, etc.

Well, that’s difficult to justify when all the other sites were downloading just fine at the same time. Any ideas why just this site might have failed to download?

Just to let you know, our proxy configuration is set to allow outgoing traffic to *

Possibly a temporary DNS or site issue on the IBM BigFix side on the fixlet servers … I have no record of incidents though to which to refer if that was the case. Maybe a capacity issue? I am curious now. I’m going to ask questions on my end…

If you do find anything, do let me know. It’ll be good to be aware of these things.

If you need any information that I can provide which may give a hint to the issue then, let me know and I can try to get it.