BigFix Support / Forums / Docs?

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Hey folks,

We are putting together a datasheet for our support including our docs, forum, and KB. As part of this project, we are collecting testimonials from customers.

If you have any comments (no need for anything long… one or two sentences work great) on our support quality, our documentation/KB, or our forum, can you please email me (or you can post)…

Your testimonial can be anonymous, but it would be interesting to note:

  • What industry are you in?
  • How long have you been a customer?
  • How many agents do you manage with BigFix?



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I’d be more than happy to e-mail you a glowing testimonial… I’ll be in training for my HP certification for the next week or so but when I get some time I’ll forward my testimonial on. The BigFix support from the forum to the phone support is truly exemplary.


Customer for 3+ years

25,000 clients over 200+ sites.

In an effort to recycle here’s what I posted on the LinkedIn discussion on TripWire a while back…

The ability to maintain a comprehensive enterprise management system with few FTEs led us to select BigFix after a thorough RFP process. We can run a 25,000 client network with less than a single FTE if we so choose. I’ve distributed responsibilities to peers with only their view of the network to offload my workload to work on other projects. The BigFix support is second to none.

The BigFix client has a small footprint on the client side as well as no special hardware requirements on the distributed relay side (very little wan traffic over 200+ sites). The product is constantly incorporating new rock solid features into an already unbelievably progressive product. We currently use the patch management features, inventory management, software distribution, security vulnerabilities, and managing Trend deployment, etc.

Sorry to be so one sided but I’d recommend a BigFix product eval…that can be flipped to production with no real effort. I’m not on the payroll BTW :slight_smile:

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Well I am using bigfix for last 8 months.Your product as well as your support is splendid.And in case of my testimonial I would like to send you email.Hope you can understand my point.