BigFix ServiceNow Data Flow v1.3 is now available

The BigFix team is very pleased to announce the release of version 1.3 of BigFix ServiceNow Data Flows! This integration enables organizations to harness the wealth of near real-time endpoint data that BigFix makes available to automatically enrich ServiceNow® CMDB. Conversely, it also provides BigFix with access to endpoint metadata and business contexts defined in ServiceNow® CMDB. This enables you to:

Better discover, track, and understand your assets with BigFix endpoint data available in ServiceNow®
Quickly identify, prioritize, and remediate issues by having the business context of your endpoints (such as Department, Location, and Environment) from ServiceNow® directly within BigFix. Even deploy actions targeting these attributes!

The main features of this release are:


  • Support for ServiceNow Utah and Vancouver Releases
  • Security Enhancements
  • Bug Fixes

Defect Article Resolution:
The following defects have been resolved in this version:

  • KB0100907: ServiceNow Dataflows creating empty records in CMDB.
  • KB0101334: Hardware Attributes Analysis not enabled automatically.
  • KB0101965: Installation path on E: drive not working with task 200.
  • KB0102236: Dataflows mistakenly warning about Role-enabled Master Operators.
  • KB0103437: Dataflow from ServiceNow not working on proxied computers.
  • KB0103450: ServiceNow Data Flow not working for correlated computers.
  • KB0103977: Properties with “not set” values in ServiceNow Custom Properties analysis.
  • KB0104046: No mailbox sent to agents due to special characters.
  • KB0104627: Mailbox history not cleaned on the agent.
  • KB0104950: Mismatch in computers correlated by ServiceNow.

Security Vulnerability Resolution:

  • CVE-2023-37518: A code injection vulnerability affecting BigFix ServiceNow has been addressed, ensuring the security of the system.

Version Information:
Published site version: 8

Useful links:
For more information, please see the documentation.

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