Bigfix Server install fails - Missing Masthead

Hi Folks,

I am install BigFix clean on a new server. I understood running the server install would ask me for my licence files, then create my masthead. But then I run BigFix-BES-Server- it tell me there is no Masthead in the install directory, and exits.

What am I doing wrong? It must surely be something simple.


Only going from memory here but maybe you need to use the installation generator.
Download it from here

That’s what I thought I had. That link has install generator, and it links to BigFix-BES-Server-9.5.2.exe which is what I have downloaded.

I don’t see anything else on the linked web page that looks likely


If I understand correctly, you have already generate the BES Installer. Please go to below path to proceed with server installation because I can see the license.crt and license.pvk file.

C:\Program Files (x86)\BigFix Enterprise\BES Installers

There’s two different files and links

Installation generator which is

And the server exe which is

No need to download server setup file again. It is there under provided location in my previous response.

That was it. filename blindness. I don’t know how but I kept ending up with the Server one.

Thanks for pointing it out. Looking good now.

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