Bigfix Scheduled Webreports Not Working

Hello all,

There is a scheduled report in my bigfix webreports. Everything looks normal. But it doesnt send emails on its scheduled times.

I dont think that there is something wrong with email server, because it works when I try to test email settings below;

image (I have deleted ip adress of the mail server to take screenshot safely.)

these are the settings.

I need your help.

Hi ,

plz use comma ( , ) between each e-mail address.


I already have commas between email adresses.

I have the exact same problem, did you ever get it resolved?

Maybe stupid question: did you checky your junk folder?


Need to continue on this topic, anybody found out the reason on why it is not sending out emails?

Whatever their issue was, three years ago, is probably not the same issue you are having.

Please start a new thread, detailing what problem you are having, and especially whether your test emails are sent and received.

Most problems we see with sending email notifications end up being a problem with the mail server you are using - like configuring it to allow the Web Reports server to send messages, or using an expired password, or traffic blocked from the Web Reports server.