BigFix Root Server File Copying

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I have a project I am busy with. A client has to rebuild their BF environment in order to get to version 10 due to the losing of the license password needed for the upgrade which cannot be reset or regenerated.

Thus this leaves us in a predicament where there is no other choice. My question is, is there a list of folders which can be copied across to the new environment to replicate it as closely as possible from the current BF server? I am in the process of exporting as much as possible from the current implementation.

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Thanks @trn

I believe that the license is tied to the BigFix database, and a new license was generated for the new build which will cause a conflict in back up and restore. Please correct me if I am wrong.



I’ve never had to try this, but I do think you will need to generate a new set of keys and a new masthead.

The backup/restore does have the serverkeytool to capture most of the keys but without the original password there is only so much you can do.

The install process does warn that the password needs to be kept safe and cannot be recreated if lost.

You may find the easiest thing is to restore as much as possible to a new, parallel infrastructure and then copy the new masthead to the clients to move them across.

Definitely, the client was with another provider and they didn’t store it in a safe place which puts us where we are at the moment. Having to rebuild the new environment and then migrating clients across with the masthead switch.

I was just wondering if someone has had the same experience and perhaps know which folders we can copy across from the current build to the new build to try and save as much as possible to reduce time and impact of the rebuild. I have already exported everything that I can from the current build to the new build.

Thank you for your input!

I have done a full restore to a new server build to achieve an O/S upgrade, but had the benefit of knowing the password.

I would definitely try to do this - restore all the folders, database etc and do a new install of the current Bigfix version and see just how much you can save. Then you can switch the clients across and upgrade the server (or upgrade, then switch the clients, but that increases the delay between the original backup and getting the clients onto the new server).