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Are there any roadmaps available from BigFix\IBM that show future release dates of the the application as well as End of Life dates for currently supported versions?

Also, does anyone know when 8.2.1093.0 was officially released? The only date I can find is when 8.2.1175.0 was released…3/22/12.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Anyone from BigFix?

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Well I am not from IBM, but this may help for the end of life part of your question

From what I see, there is no announced EOL for TEM and there are no listing for “BigFix”. Based on past experience, it is typically 5 years from release date, but do not hold me to that. :slight_smile:

For Roadmap, you typically need to discuss this with your IBM sales person who can get you set up for roadmap discussions. These are usually under some NDA, so hence why you probably cannot find any information on where they are going.

Hope that helps.

Martin Carnegie

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recent announcement of EOS for Bigfix 7.2: