BigFix REST API create group permissions

Can someone clarify the necessary permissions for s user to create a manual group in a custom site via the platform REST API? It works with MO but not with Non-MO that has writer permission to the site and Custom Content creation rights.

Manual Groups are always in the operator’s opsite, or in the action site for master operators, if that helps. They aren’t created in custom sites.

so for a post to /computergroups/{site type}/{site name} the site type would be opsite and the site name would be the user’s operator site?

Yes, an example would be

still no luck. getting a 403 posting to https://root:52311/api/computergroup/operator/<the_name_of_the_local_bes_user_making_the_call>

{"format":"Access is denied","arguments":[]}

I logged into the bes console with the local user and the ‘create manual group’ options were greyed out. After granting the user the “Can Create Actions” permission, it could then create the manual group.

Is that expected? I’d rather this user not have the ability to push content. Running v9.5.13

I believe that’s expected…a manual group is also an action, in a roundabout way.

Thanks for the assistance. I created an enhancement request to try and get that split up to be multiple permissions

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