BigFix Reports - Preview Program

I tried to enable BigFix Reports in my test environment, but I was unable to do so due to the following error:


Despite not using a proxy and having a direct internet connection, my lab continues to display misleading errors.

Suggestions ! :slight_smile:


Few hours of patience and the site will be available.
Stay tuned on the Forum for the announcement :wink:


Ahh Ok :+1: I thought there is some issue at my end :sweat_smile: thanks :blush:

+1 Lol I’ve opened a Support About it. Great to hear it was resolved! Need to check on my environment.

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Great progress from HCL, We just need to be patient !

Hopefully it will solve the current problems of the old web reports

Yes, it will address a lot of the concerns and problems brought up by many customers. I’ve seen the demo, and although it was a long-pending item, things are now moving forward.

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first impression :slight_smile: Guys, it’s going to be incredible! Webreport is set to make a amazing comeback !

I dont know about others but I am super excited yipeee !

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Official announcement here: BigFix Reports - Launching the Experience Preview Program!

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