Bigfix remote SQL database using TLS 1.2?

Our SQL admins are preparing to set our SQL environment to enforce TLS 1.2. I need to verify that Bigfix supports TLS 1.2 on the remote SQL database and how to check if it is configured for TLS 1.2. Can anyone help?

@RichCampbell, I see our database requirements documentation, but there’s no mention of TLS requirements. I would recommend opening a support case with our L2 team and request confirmation from our BigFix Platform engineering department.

Alternatively, if you have multiple BES environments, you can test this on your lower environments first.

We made the change two weeks ago with no ill effects. But it would be nice if this was documented somewhere.


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@RhondaSTK_HCL, who’s our BigFix documentation manager? @RichCampbell is correct that this should be documented in our wiki.

Hey @cmcannady - Let’s route this to @Shivi and see if she can make sure this gets addressed properly.


Apologies I missed the original post on this I think.

On much older BES deployments we did require an update to the SQL Native Client, if it had not already been upgraded, and I’m sure there was a doc for at least that part. Current versions of BigFix (10.x or high versions of 9.5) should be fine.

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