BigFix Remote Control v10.0 is available!

HCL Software is pleased to announce the availability of BigFix Remote
Control version 10.0.

New content:

  • The Server UI has been revamped with a modern look and feel including
    some usability improvements.
  • Privacy Mode feature is now available also for Windows 10.
  • New HCL certificates for the Virtual Smart Card Driver.
  • Remote Control target component on macOS Catalina has been Notarized.
  • macOS executable files has been signed with SHA256 hash.

For more details refer to the Release notes at

Security vulnerabilities addressed:


Resolved Defect Articles:

KB0072743 - Provide more control over the Controller Configure Feature
KB0069568 - Single Sign On specification based on SPNEGO standard no longer
works in trc 9.1.4
KB0073381 - Multiple TRC target icon on Windows tray
KB0068970 - Collaboration mode is not available in “pure” managed mode

The content in the Remote Control site has been updated to support this

Published site version:
Remote Control, version 63 (Build Number

With kind regards,
The BigFix Remote Control Team


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