BigFix Remote Control 9.1.4 IF0006 is available

The BigFix Remote Control Development Team announces the availability of BigFix Remote Control version 9.1.4 IF0006.

Reasons for update:

Security vulnerabilities addressed:


Defect Articles (formerly APARs) fixed in this release:

APAR IJ15096 - TRC Transfer Mode pop-up window
APAR IJ16792 - Time Zone in System Info Panel is incorrect
DA KB0073615 - Web Reports for TRCEvents no longer shown

The content in the Remote Control site has been updated to support this release.

Published site version:
Remote Control, version 61 (Build Number

With kind regards,
The BigFix Remote Control Development Team


we are getting class NoAuthorizedSignature (class X509VerifyError<20>) when we try and Gather this site.
We do have Lifecycle.

Thanks Pete. Are you able to gather other BigFix sites correctly?

Yes. Im not seeing other problems .

Have you gathere the Remote Control site in the past, or is this the first time?
If the problem persists, I suggest that you open a support case.
Thank you

I have gathered for version 59 and 60 before without issue.
Iā€™ll open a case.

Never mind. We are able to reproduce the problem and are working actively to fix it. Thanks

Site v62 has just been published, that fixes this problem.
Let us know if you still have issues, and thanks for your patience.

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Thank you ā€¦ All working now.

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