BigFix Remote Control 10.1 is now available

HCL Software is pleased to announce the availability of BigFix Remote Control version 10.1

Reasons for Update:

TLSv1.3 Support

  • This release introduces support for Transport Layer Security (TLS) version 1.3. By default, Remote Control components at version 10.1 GA will operate in a backward compatibility mode. In this mode, when the connection is between components at version 10.1, the TLSv1.3 protocol is used; otherwise, the TLSv1.2 protocol is used. Once all product components are updated to version 10.1, or in the case of deploying a new Remote Control environment from scratch, it is possible to configure the product to operate only in TLSv1.3 mode.

Subject Alternate Name Support

  • Starting from this release, the certificate SAN is used when validating the server identity. This can be useful, especially in scenarios where dealing with Broker certificates involves distinct internal and external broker names.

Serviceability Enhancement

  • This release includes a four new fixlets in the maintenance category to collect log files and configuration for the different components:

    408 - Collect Logs and Confs on BigFix Remote Control Target

    409 - Collect Logs and Confs on BigFix Remote Control Gateway

    410 - Collect Logs and Confs on BigFix Remote Control Broker

    411 - Collect Logs and Confs on BigFix Remote Control Server

Resolved Defect Articles:

  • KB0108711: Targets with large MAC Address list cannot register to the RC Server

  • KB0107951: Missing information for Apple Silicon architecture support

  • KB0108320: Auditing - Accessing Event Viewer

  • KB0108239: P2P issues with Num-lock and “Send CTRL + ALT + DEL”

  • KB0107980: Tasks created with the RC Target Wizard are not visible on the load panel if the Console language is not English

  • KB0107954: DB2 Selection in Server Wizard results in Derby Install Instead

  • KB0107056: LDAP Failures during synchronization can cause undesired user deletion

  • KB0106436: Use of CA certificate for RC single sign-on configuration

  • KB0105778: Full User Group / Target Group search for policy determination.

  • KB0105721: Cannot use the remote cli commands to run simple DOS commands on the target machine

  • KB0108999: Updating unattended target guidelines

Published site version:

Remote Control, site version 77 (Build Number

With kind regards,

  The BigFix Remote Control Team

About “Subject Alternate Name Support” - does it means there is also support for wild card certificates?

Hello orbiton,

No unfortunately wildcard certificates are still not supported. We decided to not support this for the moment since there are also security concerns about the use of wildcard certificates (they are considered less secure).

I’d like to add my 2 cents.
I think that with “Subject Alternate Name Support” you can create a unique certificate with a list of hostname/address, this is very similar to the wildcard behaviour but more secure.