BigFix Remote Control 10.1 FP1 is now available with a New Command Session Mode!

HCL Software is pleased to announce the availability of BigFix Remote Control version 10.1 FP1

New Content:

- New Command Session Mode is now available!
This release introduces a new session mode named Command; it allows the operator to interact with the target computer via command line, without interfering with the user of the system. This is useful especially in cases where command line access is needed to troubleshoot problems or apply configuration changes.

The Command Mode provides a controller interface that emulates a terminal. When in command mode it is possible to operate on the remote system with no disruption of the remote user in those situations where such disruption is not advisable. While in command mode the remote system desktop is not accessible to users operating on the controller.

Operations performed while in command mode can optionally be saved on the server for auditing purposes.
Other information:

Customers currently using the wrcmdpcr command line interface should follow a specific upgrade order (where the server is upgraded last) to ensure continuity of operations.
Make sure you review the policy settings when enabling the Command Session Mode to ensure your session establishment requirements are met.
For more information and limitations please refer to the product readme and documentation.

- Multiple Controller Instances on MacOS

Starting from this release it is possible to start multiple controller instances on MacOS targets as in the other platforms.

- Currency: support Oracle 19 database

- Unattended Target Initial Session Mode Selection

Starting from this release it is possible to start a session with an unattended target in any session mode. In earlier releases it was only possible to start the session in Active mode.

Resolved Defect Articles:

  • KB0113415: Broker connection hangs indefinitely when a remote endpoint loses the connection just before the TLS handshake.

  • KB0113091: Error message processing long IP address list during target call home.

  • KB0110496: LDAP Connection error using hostname with underscore.

  • KB0111703: Error ORA-00922 when creating table USER_TOKENS.

  • KB0110677: Remote Control 10.1 GA SSO logon fails with Azure Identity Provider.

  • KB0110935: On Demand Target doesn’t work on Windows if FIPS is enabled.

  • KB0111197: On Demand Target crashes on macOS if HTTPStrictValidation is enabled.

  • KB0109753: Error in the relevance and action script of Fixlet 108

  • KB0113155: RC recording download button not working.

  • KB0113827: Remote Control target property DisableIPv6 is not documented.

Published site version:

Remote Control, site version 78 (Build Number

With kind regards,

The BigFix Remote Control Team


Great release! The addition of the Unattended Target Initial Session Mode Selection is indeed exciting. As for Ubuntu and Debian systems, I hope that they’ll receive support for X11 and Wayland soon. Having those features would be a significant enhancement! :rocket: