BigFix Remote Control 10.0 FP8 is now available

HCL Software is pleased to announce the availability of BigFix Remote Control version 10.0 FP8

Reasons for Update:

  • Digital signature of Linux RPM packages

Resolved Defect Articles:

  • KB0104815: Failed to automatically re-establish a session with the Target after a reboot if session user acceptance is enabled
  • KB0104506: Relevance of “Remote Control Controller Logs” analysis causing performance issues
  • KB0104496: Target crash upon P2P session closure
  • KB0103715: View of server log from admin menu no longer works after server upgrade
  • KB0103712: Acceptance Dialog Customization not working on MacOS.
  • KB0103711: MacOS pull file dialog not properly refreshing
  • KB0103501: Installer log does not properly trace properties manipulation
  • KB0103500: Target unable to contact Broker after Certificate Update
  • KB0103374: Computers cannot start Remote Controls Target service when IP list is very long
  • KB0103341: User Acceptance error on Remote Control version 10.0.0-0736.- LogRollover
  • KB0103338: Broker Service is unstable with FP7 installed (Broker Crash - NullPointer)
  • KB0102880: Remote Control Broker cannot receive any connection when HTTPSStrictValidation is set to “yes” and the server certificate is correctly signed
  • KB0099025: Remote Control Broker is randomly down (FP7) / Memory Leak
  • KB0103834: Remote Control web url configuration steps optimization
  • KB0104582: Remote Control truncates IP address on SQL insert and update
  • KB0104536: Dashboard on RC server stretches when the Application Error table has a long message
  • KB0102450: Problem with display resolution with Remote control Target on Mac with Hi res screen

Resolved Security Vulnerabilities:

  • HCL BigFix Remote Control version and before are affected by security vulnerabilities around OpenSSL RSA Decryption (CVE-2022-4304)
    Affected components: Remote Control Target, Remote Control Broker, Remote Control Gateway

Published site version:
Remote Control, site version 76 (Build Number 10.0.0818)

With kind regards,
The BigFix Remote Control Team

Is this still a full install that requires answering and entering all settings during installation? Has an “update” installer been created instead? All the modules (broker, target, controller, etc.) have update tasks but the server hasn’t in past versions making the process very cumbersome.