Bigfix Relevance Checker

Hi All,

I want to know our Bigfix relevance machines availability check from Database (or) Endpoints,

For example when we write a fixlet with some relevance condition (OS and OS Version) mean at the time the relevance availability do check from each endpoints (or) BFEnterprise Database ?

Please give your input on this,


The endpoints evaluate the relevance and post results back to the server. This is called “client relevance” and is used in Fixlets, Tasks, Analyses, and Automatic Groups.

There is also a Session Relevance capability that can be evaluated at the server, used in Web Reports, Dashboards, and REST API. Session Relevance cannot inspect the clients directly, but can retrieve results the clients have previously reported. Session Relevance has properties such as “bes computers”, “bes property”, “bes property result”, etc.

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Thank you @JasonWalker for your information,