BigFix Relevance BootCamp - Sept. 17 & 18, 2019, Emeryville

You are familiar with many solutions that exist as part of the BigFix platform, now come join us for a complimentary hands-on Relevance Training course to learn how to make BigFix work the way YOU want it to.

Breakfast/Coffee will be provided all days of this class.

During this course you will learn how to use the Relevance language to query information about your endpoints. You will gain an understanding of available properties from Agent Inspectors, how to filter data, and how to format results. Ultimately you will learn to use Relevance and Actionscript to create your own Fixlets, Tasks, and Analyses.

We will also hold additional sessions during lunch to cover features such as BigFix Query, the REST API, and advanced Web Reports.

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Any possibility of this being streamed?


mtrain, not at this time. We might consider in the future. We will be holding more of these boot camps around the US.


is there a plan like to share the webinar copy, perhaps share it via email?


I “unpinned” this topic since this class is now sold out!