BigFix Relay Problem Getting Downloads from BigFix Root Server

Hello Team,

We started seeing something very strange as in our BigFix Top Level Relays are unable to get the packages (SHA1) from the bigfix root server. The issue is not happening for all the SWD fixlets, but few are having issues.

The problematic SWD fixlet was created couple of months back and we were able to take the action successfully on the endpoints earlier. But not sure what happened now.

As part of the troubleshooting, I did checked for the SHA1 folder under …/wwwrootbes/Uploads folder, the SHA1 folder was missing. Then I was able to export the SHA1 folder through Manage Software Distribution Wizard and was able to get the required SHA1 folder. I did copied the SHA1 folder onto the Uploads folder.

Later took action on one of the relay as endpoint, this time I can see from the action the file was cached successfully on the root server as in under …/wwwrootbes/bfmirror/downloads/sha1 folder.

And when I checked the client log, it says Download Available as False. I understand since the relay was unable to get the downloads, the client log shows the error as Download Available as False.

But why Relay was unable to get the downloads from Root server even though the file was cached on it.

(Did performed Gather Reset on the relay to see if that fixes the issue but no luck)

Can someone please help me out as what’s happening? Is that something happened on the root server itself?

Thanks in Advance for all your help.

As a start, I would suggest having a look at the Download Status Report, first on the Root Server for the Action ID in question, then also on the Relays in the chain to the Client. It can give you more details on the current state of a given download, along with potential error messages that might be useful for troubleshooting.

Additionally, for such issues, I’d also suggest opening a Support Request for assistance.

Yes I will start my testing at the root server, then to relays and clients as you suggested. And I have created support case, but there was no luck yet.

Also I would like to confirm that particular SWD fixlet was created in one of the custom site, I have tested the same fixlet by exporting it to Master Operator Site, this time the fixlet worked absolutely fine.

I will continue to test & find out the root cause of the problem. Thank you.

We are having the same problem. Do anyone have any idea.

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