Bigfix Recovery

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We have bigfix application installed on windows 2012 and unfortunately it has to be removed. now on the same device i want to install application back again.I have masthead and cert files which are backed up but not sure in license file and SQL is also as it is.

is it possible to use recover bigfix using masthead file on the same device?

Has to be, or had to be? We recently migrated our root server; here were the requirements.!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Server%20Migration/comment/2198909e-9279-4fa8-ab4c-29c4cc03bb5d

As long as you have the appropriate files, you should be able to recover your instance. There are a lot of moving parts to your scenario, however.

Hi Mel

Thanks for you quick response
I have checked i have only masthead file, is it possible to using this single file to install?

You might be able to generate the installers with only a masthead file, as per the screenshot in step two of this guide:

“I want to install with an existing masthead”

I would recommend reading all of the documentation thoroughly first, though. I’ve never attempted what you’re trying.

I believe you will need your site signing private key (and it’s password) if you are going to use the same masthead file and keep your existing deployment.

Otherwise you can contact Bigfix Support to generate a new key pair and new masthead file. The new masthead would need to be loaded on each endpoint to attach them to your new deployment.


Hi Mwolff

Thanks for your input i would try these steps shortly.

Thanks for your input.
will see the possibility soon.

Keep in mind that @JasonWalker may be spot on regarding his comments about the signing key. Tread carefully…

Hi Mwolff,

yes, on that note i tried to get the backup of all files of the server which are used, below are the list

so i can reuse the license file on same device for bigfix application installation?

As long as you have the password for the private key, sure…

I have a password for pvk and is there option to restore using masthead?

Yes there is an option for installing with masthead file if you have the license key and cert (the auth file isn’t needed anymore)