BigFix Platform Credentilas Issue

I have installed the IBM Endpoint Manager and the BigFix Platform on my environment as part of the IBM License Metric Tool 9.2. I have been using the setup to run software scans as well. Yesterday out if nowhere I got a warning saying:
WARNING: BigFix Patform credentials are configured incorrectly
After this I have not been able to log into my system as my credentials are locked. I think this is happening because the BigFix Platform is hitting my network with the wrong credentials and as a result, it is getting locked out.
I’d appreciate any help on how I can change the credentials of the BifFix Platform so that this issue can be sorted out as until the credentials are corrected, my whole setup is useless.

You probably want to open a PMR about this.

Check the log in properties of the BigFix services in Windows Services and perhaps change the credentials there if necessary?


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