Bigfix Patching is attempting to use wrong NIC

We built out a new Server 2022 to replace an old 2012 server. This server is sitting in the DMZ and has 2 NIC Cards. 1 for bidirectional for Internal to DMZ and one for DMZ to Internet. After Installing the BigFix Client, it is trying to use the NIC IP that is destined for DMZ to Internet which does not allow Internal access. As such, the Bigfix client will not check into the console properly.

My question is, How do I force the Bigfix client to use the proper NIC for Inside-DMZ rather than the DMZ-Internet? I can see the attempts in the firewall on the DMZ-Internet trying to reach in through our firewall but due to configuration its being Denied. I can see the Inside-DMZ NIC reaching to our Domain Controllers properly but no traffic from 52311 attempts to Bigfix Console. Bigfix logs show failure to reach back to the Console and we know its due to it not attempting the connection through the proper Inside-DMZ connection. Is there a way to force the Bigfix connection to use a specific NIC or change the NIC its using to reach out on?

It’s usually not up to an Application (like BigFix) to determine which network interface(s) to use - that’s up to the operating system.

You’ll need to configure either Default Gateways or Static Routes to designate which interfaces and gateways to use. Lookup route print and route add for Windows systems.

But also setting up a DMZ host with two networks cards is almost always not the right way to do it - you should let a DMZ Router or Firewall make those determinations for you rather than static routing on each individual host.