BigFix Patch to deprecate RHEL and SLE non-Native Tools sites by January 31, 2016

To facilitate bringing our users the best combination of functionality and usability, IBM BigFix Patch will be deprecating the following non-Native Tools Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise sites in January 31, 2016.

  • Patches for RHEL 5
  • Patches for RHEL 5 Dependency Resolution
  • Patches for RHEL 6 Dependency Resolution
  • Patches for SLE11

After January 31, 2016, BigFix Patch will no longer provide content and support for these sites. The deprecated sites will no longer be available on the License Overview dashboard.

If you are subscribed to these sites for patching, we encourage you to migrate at your earliest convenience to the Native Tools versions of these operating systems. Native Tools versions are more efficient, can handle third-party packages, and provide a means to use custom repositories.

Action to take:
Subscribe to the native tools sites versions of the operating systems whose sites are getting deprecated.

  • Patches for RHEL 5 - Native Tools site
  • Patches for RHEL 6 - Native Tools site
  • Patches for SLE11 - Native Tools site

Does the site deprecation cause any additional impact?
The deprecation of the sites affect the baselines and custom sites that are associated with the non-native sites. While you can still see the source Fixlets, no new content will be provided and the sites will no longer be visible in the License Overview dashboard. You must create new, separate baselines with the native tools sites.

Other references:
To learn more, see the following information:

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