BigFix Patch: SLES 15 SP4 and SLED 15 SP4 Content Support

BigFix Patch is pleased to announce that Fixlet content for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED) Version 15 SP4 (x86_64, S390x and PPC64LE) are now available.
These Fixlets are based on the supported packages that are available in the following SUSE repositories:
• SLE-Product-SLES15-SP4-Pool
• SLE-Product-SLES15-SP4-Updates
• SLE-Module-Basesystem15-SP4-Pool
• SLE-Module-Basesystem15-SP4-Updates
• SLE-Module-Server-Applications15-SP4-Pool
• SLE-Module-Server-Applications15-SP4-Updates

• SLE-Product-SLED15-SP4-Pool
• SLE-Product-SLED15-SP4-Updates
• SLE-Module-Basesystem15-SP4-Pool
• SLE-Module-Basesystem15-SP4-Updates
• SLE-Module-Desktop-Applications15-SP4-Pool
• SLE-Module-Desktop-Applications15-SP4-Updates
Actions to Take:
Gather the updates from the listed sites.
Affected Sites:

   Patches for SLE 15, version 278
   Patches for SLE 15 on System Z, version 135
   Patches for SLE 15 PPC64LE, version 14
   Patching Support, version 992	

Application Engineering Team
BigFix Patch


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