BigFix Patch: show out-of-support software

As we use BigFix for patching our AIX systems we would really like to get an infomation about software which is installed but out-of-support, eg. IBM Java5 oder IBM Java6.

As an example this could be a simple fixlet “Name: AIX: Security Advisory: IBM Java SDK 6 is out of support”, containing useful properties and an simple relevance like eg.
(exists product “BESClient” of object repository AND version of fileset of product “BESClient” of object repository >= “” as version) AND (exists match (regex “(AIX|AIX VIOS) (6.1|7.1|7.2)”) of name of operating system) AND (((exists fileset matching “lpp_name = ‘Java6_64.sdk’” of it or exists fileset matching “lpp_name = ‘Java6.sdk’” of it)) of object repository)