BigFix Patch Pre-announcement: Red Hat Download Plug-in Enhancement

BigFix Patch is pleased to pre-announce the release of an enhanced download plug-in for Red Hat. The new download plug-in uses Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM) to download patches from a vendor’s website to the BigFix server.

The RHSM download plug-in will be available in the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard as a new plug-in entry called RHSM Plug-in. All patch Fixlets are updated to use the RHSM Plug-in. The RHEL Plug-in will still be available to allow customers to use the Fixlets that are in custom sites. However, the RHEL Plug-in will no longer be supported for Red Hat 6 and Red Hat 7 (x86 and x86-64) when the RHSM Plug-in is released.

Red Hat Subscription Management (RHSM)
Red Hat Subscription Management, which is provided through the Red Hat Customer Portal service, will replace Red Hat Network (RHN) Classic in July 2017 for subscription management and downloading updates. Until then, you can still use Red Hat Network Classic on RHEL 7 via Red Hat Satellite 5.7. For more information, see

Actions that you need to take BEFORE the release:

  • Review your baselines. Ensure that the best practices for baselines listed at are followed.

    RHEL 6 users with existing baselines need to create new baselines to use the new Fixlets. RHEL 7 users with existing baselines do not need to create new baselines.

  • Review your Red Hat subscription entitlements and ensure that they are active.

Actions that you need to take AFTER the release:

  • Register the RHSM download plug-in on the BigFix server.
  • Create and download certificate entitlements through RHSM. Steps on how to do this will be provided upon release.
  • Add the certificates to the download plug-in
  • Use the Baseline Synchronization Dashboard to update existing baselines and custom sites with the latest content from the external Fixlet sites. For details on how to sync your baseline components with the external sites, see RHEL 6 users need to create new baselines.

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