BigFix OS Deployment Question


When deploying images using BigFix how can I create a custom setting called “Department” The idea is once the base image is done, the Department setting would determine the software load the machine would get. For example the Accounting department needs different software packages than the Marketing or the Sales deplartments. The baseline we created in BigFix would trgger the softerae laod based on the Department setting.

Maybe the Department setting could be set using the unattend file. Any ideas would be appreciated

One way is in the bundle where we stash the BigFix agent install. You can stash a clientsettings.cfg file with those custom settings… Of course this means a bundle for each department need and not very efficient.

@bradsexton81 as he likely has a more efficient method.

You can create separate image profiles that set that client setting of the department. Then you would have relevance looking for that client settings in order to install the necessary software. If that is not manageable do you have a way to logically group those machines such as OU placement, ip range, computer model? Anything to say this machine is for this department other than assigning the client setting?

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