BigFix not detecting Completed Parch until 2nd restart.

When Applying patches to PC or Servers we are having to restart our computers a 2nd time after the patch was completely installed so that BigFix will detect the completed task. This is more problematic for patching Production Servers. Does any one know of a way to force BigFix to detect the change with out restarting the computer a 2nd time?
I’ve tried testing restarting the BES Client service with no luck.

You can configure BigFix to ignore the “PendingFileRenameOperations” registry key, where we usually check to see whether a restart is needed. See Stuck in Pending Restart status even after reboot

Of course, by ignoring the key, you could miss cases where a second restart actually is needed by the series of patches you installed. Where systems are misusing the PendingFileRenameOperations entries, it can be difficult to tell whether are restart is actually still needed.

Hi Jason,

We will try this out.

Thank you for the quick response.