BigFix Mobile/MCM 3.2 is now available!

BigFix Mobile is part of a broader set of Enterprise workspace offerings focused on endpoint automation, configuration compliance and employee productivity with demonstrable improvements in security.

The HCL BigFix team is proud to announce the release of BigFix Mobile 3.2, our third release this year.

This release delivers customer value focused on application deployment and custom policies. The newest features in this release include support for:

  • Delivering MacOS VPP Apps and Windows Appstore apps via the App Catalog
  • App Deployment Policies with Deployment options for all UEM OS’es
  • Support for managed WiFi, Email and VPN Policies through custom templates
  • Filtering for Primary User and Enrollment Type Columns for action/policy targeting
  • Running the MDM Server on RHEL9
  • Updated all components with latest security patches
  • Updated MDM-FDE plugin with latest security patches

For more information and help on upgrading your MCM or Mobile installation, please refer to:

Published Site Versions
MCM version 3.2 (Build number, WebUI MDM version 19)
BESUEM Content site version 46
BESUEMMobile Content site version 17