BigFix Migration


I’ve been working on a BigFix migration and have hit a snag. I’ve been following the directions from!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Server%20Migration per HCL support.

The database was a remote database and now it will be a local database on the new server (which will also be the new main server). I copied the databases over via SQL backup (full) and restore, which appeared to successful.

Documentation had me copy several files from the old server to the new, then run the server setup (after the databases were copied). The setup wizard never asked for any authentication info for the (now) local databases.

After install, BigFix Diags showed several things wrong.

Client Register Plugin, Post Results Plugin, BESGatherMirror Plugin, BESGatherMirrorNew Plugin, BESMirrorRequst Plugin all say “The HTTP request failed with error Unexpected HTTP response: 503 Service Unavailable”.

Checked ODBC and it was pointing to the old remote SQL server. Changed all the connections to “(local)”, set the sa password and tested connections; all pass.

Restarted server, still no luck.

FillDB.log has multiple “Tue, 18 Feb 2020 11:30:53 -0800 – 3124 – Unexpected exception: Database Error: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Login failed for user ‘’. (28000: 18,456)” errors. This makes me think the software is still not connecting to the database.

Any ideas?

The SQL Login Failed is an indicator that something isn’t right with the SQL login account.

Are you using Windows Authentication or SQL Server authentication in the SQL server? Make sure you have created a SQL login for either LocalSystem or for the service account you configured for the BES Services (for Windows auth) or for the username/password set on the ODBC connection (for SQL Auth).

Also be sure to configure odbc with both \windows\system32\odbcad32.exe and \ windows\sysow64\odbcad32.exe so you get both the 32- and 64-bit DSNs configured.

SQL server authentication.

I just tried uninstalling the server software, rebooted, then double-checked the ODBC (both 32 and 64 bit). DSNs were correct on some, showed the DSN name as the server name in others. I fixed those, verified connection passed at the end of the wizard, then reinstalled the server software.

Now all the plugins are failing with an Error 28, Timeout was reached.

The documentation says to check:

[BigFix Server folder]\BESRelay.log - (last line “Successfully read server signing key” and “Successfully read client CA key”)

[BigFix Server Folder]\GatherDBData.log - doesn’t exist and the server is creating GatherDB_x.dmp files.

[BigFix Server Folder]\FillDBData\FillDB log - filling up with “FastQueryManager error: Windows Error 0x2: The system cannot find the file specified.” with an inverse (white on black) “NUL”.

I certainly think you should open a support incident on this, as the team can work with you live to step through the troubleshooting.

I think the first thing is to make sure the LocalSystem account can access the SQL database (assuming you’re using the BES service defaults to “Log on as” of “LocalSystem”).

Download a copy of psexec from

From a command prompt, use psexec to open a command as the LocalSystem account
psexec.exe -i -s cmd.exe
From the LocalSystem command prompt, find & launch Sql Server Management Studio (ssms.exe)
Ensure that SSMS can log on to SQL Server and can access the BFEnterprise database.

Thanks for your help!

I do have a case open with HCL but response isn’t very quick. I do hear back from the tech, but it usually takes a couple of hours and I’ve been troubleshooting this for over a day.

I finally just deleted the old database (we still have it on the server getting replaced so no big deal if we need something), wiped the ODBC connectors, reinstalled BigFix server and just let it create new ODBC connectors and databases.

Our clients are checking in now and sites are starting to gather fixlets.

I exported our custom fixlets and analyses so I can always import them into the new database.

Updating this since it is still the only search result for “FastQuery Manager error: Windows Error 0x2”

Recent version of the platform do not automatically recreate the EncryptedWebUICAKey if you migrate or have to recover a server without decrypting all of your encrypted keys. This has to be done manually before the root server and filldb will work. The only useful log message that points to this condition is the fillDB FastQuery error.

You can create them with besadmin to resolve this issue.

besadmin.exe /createwebuicredentials /webuicertdir: /webuihostname: