BigFix.Me Sync and C3 Sites

Is the BigFix.Me Sync still used and expected to work, especially with the C3 sites? It’s been a very long time since the sync has worked and I wanted to ask before I just remove it. Thanks in advance.

About 2 months ago, I spent better part of day trying to set it up, including whitelists etc on my end to ensure no connectivity was blocked.

In the end I gave up and will just be importing the .BES files. So far, any content we use typically needs a small bit of tweaking anway. ESPECIALLY with BigFix10 as we have been adding relevancy of “Agent Type contains Native” to most everything as we have thousands of computer IDs that are imported from vmware/aws/azure.

That’s totally valid, but…have you considered using a separate site, subscribed only by your Native clients? That might save some effort over updating every fixlet.

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Mind blown!
Good idea